Friday, 9 April 2010

Scope for September

Things are progessing nicely as we work our way towards September. With the planned move to May, in 2011, this September's event will not be a usual Arts Trail. We will instead be offering a taster or a showcase of what you can expect when you come in the early summer of 2011.

We have 7 areas that we are going to focus events around, which are: Participation, Outside Art, Evening Events, Exhibitions, Open Houses, Families and the Makers' Fair. So, in September, there will be an event in each of these categories to whet your appetite.

Being a showcase, it means that we are highlighting different aspects of the Arts Trail, including the Open Houses. We will be opening about 7 houses and will be selecting the artists from those that have exhibited in previous years. 5 of those houses will be 'selling' houses and 2 will be ones that will show work that is of a more non-commercial nature. As a consequence, this year we will not be putting a call out for artists. This is a one-off because it is a transition year, and a call will go out again towards the end of the year for artists to exhibit in the Open Houses in May 2011.

There is a tremendous wealth of artistic talent in Yorkshire and our purpose when we move to May is to showcase that in the fullest way that we can. This is one of the key reasons for the move and September is a stepping stone on that journey.