Monday, 28 June 2010

Volunteer Co-ordinator wanted

For the last three years, the Saltaire Arts Trail has been an exciting part of the very successful Saltaire Festival. Bringing together visual arts from both the local community and professionals across Yorkshire, the Arts Trail has incorporated Open Houses (residents’ houses used as unique gallery spaces), a makers' fair, family events and an open exhibition, all focused in and around Saltaire.

The Arts Trail has grown each year and - in addition to a showcase event as part of the 2010 Saltaire Festival this September - from May 2011 the Arts Trail will become a stand-alone event. The new format of the Arts Trail will include elements such as theatre, music, debate and outdoor art as well as increased education and participatory activities.

The Saltaire Arts Trail is developed and managed by volunteers. To support the work of the Saltaire Arts Trail Committee we are looking for a Volunteer Co-ordinator. The Volunteer Co-ordinator will be responsible for recruiting and supporting a team of volunteers to assist in a range of activities across the Arts Trail. It is anticipated that this will include both ongoing support over the next 10-12 months, as well as recruiting a wider set of volunteers to provide hands-on assistance over the two Saltaire Arts Trail events (11-19 September 2010 and 22-30 May 2011).

The ideal candidate will be organised, able to get on well with people of all different ages and backgrounds, and with a positive “can do” attitude. Experience in HR and/or working with volunteers would be welcome, but a willingness to commit to making the Saltaire Arts Trail a success is far more important. This role is on a voluntary basis, but will provide an excellent opportunity to gain experience in the world of arts / events management.

For further details or an informal chat about the role, please contact David Worsley on 07802 445786 or by email at

We also have a range of other opportunities for volunteers, including developing / supporting individual events for the May 2011 Saltaire Arts Trail. If you would be interested in these roles, please also contact David.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Stone & Tankard

The Tree Tower by Nick Tankard

Three Apples by Paul Stone

I wanted to give you taste of a couple of the artists exhibiting in September. This is always the exciting bit, seeing the artwork, when the pulse quickens and the expectation rises.

Paul Stone, who is based in Sheffield, has described his work thus: "Once considered undignified for serious artistic endeavour, still life has a rich history, its repertoire altering as the genre has evolved. Recently I came across the word Rhopography, and old-fashioned term for still life paintings, meaning the study of trivial objects and small wares. I can appreciate this in reference to my work, particularly reflecting the alterations in art, on the meanings of objects within the last century.

Originally my work had a very traditional, almost simplistic approach to the process of creating artworks. As the paintings (and thereby my practice as whole) have developed and matured, my previous research in History Of Art has over time organically breathed a fresh perspective into the artworks.

At the core of my paintings is the search for a precision of focus on the formal properties of mundane objects that have an everyday, unremarkable presence in our lives. As the majority of the inanimate objects are gathered from local charity shops, they also record a previous unknown transience moment when they are suddenly cast out for whatever reason. This results in a familiar and nostalgic content, and for me a more intimate relationship with their representation." (Courtesy of gallerytop)

Nick Tankard "is a local lad, born and raised at Carr Lane, Windhill. His bedroom window overlooked the Aire valley, and he lived with a view of Salts Mill throughout his childhood. Education was at Nab Wood Grammar, and then on to a graphic design course at Bradford. He was drawn towards illustrating children’s books, and did a Higher National qualification at Middlesborough and then a Degree at Wolverhampton.

He is strongly influenced by Northern industrial towns and their architecture, which he draws in what he describes as his own particular “wonky” style, using his own brand of fantasy and humour." (Courtesy Roger Clarke and

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Social networking and things...

To keep up-to-date with everything Saltaire Arts Trail related, you can now check out what's happening via this blog, facebook and twitter. Our twitter username is @saltaireart.

Just to keep you abreast of what's going on. We had a really productive meeting last week to discuss the programming for May 2011. It's going to be a packed programme, which will include outside art, evening events, workshops, a symposium, family activities, urban projections, street performances, exhibitions and participatory activities.

As part of the Arts Trail, there will be evening events around the village during the week and three days of high quality creative endeavour over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend.

The evening events will feature music, theatre (hopefuly, in collaboration with Theatre in the Mill) and spoken word. We want to encourage new, experimental artwork and are keen to put on inter-disciplinary events, such as music improvised over film or hip hop and spoken word. It's great to have Iain Bloomfield from Theatre in the Mill involved.

And how do you fancy the thought of a giant felt pirate ship? Thanks to Artworks, we might have one of those, too.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Saltaire Arts Trail 2008

If you are new to the Arts Trail and want to know more about it, here's a little something to whet your appetite for September.

Saltaire Arts Trail 2008
With thanks to Yvonne Carmichael.