Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Exhibitions at SAT2013

Performance, Film and Print are just some of the challenging and inspiring exhibitions that will be part of The Saltaire Arts Trail. During this year’s event we will be showcasing unusual and interesting art at different venues throughout the village.

Textile artist Alice Fox presents “Gifts from the Pavement”, a collection of prints that record the textures, marks and shapes found on the streets of Saltaire. Set up in a pop up shop on Victoria Road, Alice’s work invites you to discover the unnoticed and discarded that is under our feet.

We also have two performance artists at this year’s event. Christopher Mollon will be at 13 Caroline Street on 25th May presenting: The Arc of Orange, interpreting specific geological block diagram and relating this to the objects he has found walking specific coastlines. The remaining objects and images recorded during the performance will be displayed for the remainder of The Saltaire Arts Trail. Also, on Saturday 25 May, Yvonne Carmichael presents “Chore-eography” at 44 Whitlam Street, Saltaire. Her performance invites you to take a fresh look at domesticity and women’s work through a series of domestic chores.
Entrance to all our exhibitions, performance and events are free because Saltaire Arts Trail is committed to supporting the visual arts and we believe that art should be available to all.

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