Monday, 16 April 2012

Q & A with printmakers Salt Press

Rachel from Salts Press was kind enough to take some time out from the busy build up to the Arts Trail to answer some of our questions.

Salt Press will be exhibiting at 19 Ada Street during SAT 2012.

Tell us about the work you do and the types of materials you use.

My prints whether textiles or paper prints focus on Yorkshire and more specifically Saltaire. I'm interested in the architecture, the stories of the area and all of the history that surrounds Sir Titus and his work.
We have created a video all about Saltaire, my work and the screen printing process.  Special thanks need to go to Dave Hackney who created the video

Where do you produce your work? Does your working environment form part of the inspiration for your art?Living in Saltaire provides the backdrop to my ideas with the mill, park and iconic buildings just a short walk away. All of the design work is produced in my studio at home, I use Inc.workshop in Leeds to print all of my work which is a workspace for artists in Yorkshire.

Is your art your main job? 
During the day I am a studio manager at the north's largest advertising agency in leeds. My team and I specialise in creating artwork for press and point of sale for major UK retailers.

How did you get started?
My background is in textile design and print which I did at both BA and MA level. I had a varied start to my career beginning as a Stylist Assistant on magazines in London and then a buyer for a charity which subsequently became a graphic design role. Since then I have worked at various companies in Leeds in a design capacity. Moving to Saltaire 6 years ago and taking on a less creative role during the day reinvigorated my interest in screen printing and textiles and I have been focused on developing work focusing on my experience and knowledge of Saltaire.

What work will you be exhibiting at the Saltaire Arts Trail?The work will be a mixture of paper and textile prints. There will be framed or unmounted prints available, printed bags, cushions and lots of cards.

Do you work in any other mediums besides the work you will be exhibiting at the Arts Trail?I also enjoy embroidery and sewing which are not the focus of my work but sometimes come in very handy! And I also do lots of graphic design both in and out of work.

Where else can we see and buy your work?We have a website which is very new and soon you will be able to purchase, order and browse our online print gallery, we currently have some work for sale in the Saltaire information centre and are regulars at the HTG Craft stall events every third Saturday in the month at Caroline Street social club. Also if you want to know more about the production of the artwork or just then you can visit my personal blog.

Tell us about your most exciting or memorable commission?This year I had the opportunity to work with the Saltaire Living Advent Calendar volunteers and designed the Living Advent Calendar leaflet and banner that advertised the windows. This involved lots of creative laying out of the designs to incorporate a very full 2012 Saltaire event calendar! It was a great project as I am one of the home owners who also create a window and it was a great way to help the community through art.

What was it about the Saltaire Arts Trail that made you want to apply to exhibit?I have opened my house for the past 4 or 5 years the Arts trial has been running but was never in a position to create my own work due to workshop constraints. However after a long time of looking at other artists work I wanted to put my mark on how to represent the key icons that make Saltaire so recognisable.

Have you participated or visited the Saltaire Arts Trail before? Last year was the first year I exhibited in my own house but I have done 2 makers fairs in Victoria hall as well.

What is unique about it and how does it differ from other events?The reason why I believe it is such an intriguing and popular trail is due to the quality of the work on the trail and the history of the houses themselves. The idea to use houses as galleries is so unique and also means that people can study both the art and architecture in an informal setting.

Could you leave us with one more interesting fact about yourself or your work? Yes sometimes I don't work alone! Some of the artwork you will see is a collaboration between myself and Lucille Moore who's work harmonises with mine but focuses more on Yorkshire as a whole.Contact details

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