Monday, 9 April 2012

Q & A with Saltaire Homeowner Sharon Ashton

You may have noticed we've been posting Q&A's with some our the lovely and talented artists in the lead up to SAT2012.  Well, as a bit of change we thought it also be good to interview a number of the Open House home owners, without who's kind support the event just wouldn't be the same.

First up is Sharon Ashton of 10 Edward Street who'll not only be opening her doors to the general public for the fourth time, but also will be exhibiting her wonderful textile creations.  Busy lady!

How long have you lived in Saltaire & why did you choose to live in the village?

12 years. I've always loved Saltaire, it's always been in life.

Are there any interesting facts/histories you’ve discovered about your home?

I live in what what was my Grandparents and Great Grandmother's house. It's been in the family since at least 1935 when my Great Grandmother bought it from the Salt's Estate. Edward St dosen't have No.1 to 5 because originally the end of the street was the village washouse, now Washouse Garden. So when we've researched the history of the house it got a bit confusing because somewhere along the line the house numbers changed, I should be No.5 not No.10.

Outside No.10.  Sharon as a little girl with her Mum

Are you an artist-homeowner? If so, what is it like being an artist in Saltaire and on
the arts trail?

Saltaire is a funny creative bubble within Bradford, there's no where quite like it. I love the positive feed back I get from visitors, both about my house and work. The support I get from my friends always bowls me over, I can take a break, walk away from the house knowing it's in good hands.
It's life affirming that there's so many nice folk in the world.

How long have you participated in the Arts Trail?

3 or 4 years.

What changes have you seen over the years (on the trail)?

It's got bigger and better. There's an amazingly professional dedicated team on board, I don't know where they get the time or energy.

What inspires you to open your home over the years?

There's a real buzz at art's trail time in the village every year. It's great to be involved. People still say “I don't know how you can open your house”. It's true it's surreal having your lounge full of strangers and having to fight your way back into your own home.

The weekend always passes in a flash, although we collapse at the end, we're always a little sad it's over for another year.

Any interesting stories/events/ or any special memories of the trail and/or
happenings in your home?

I suppose the most strange was when the trail was still at festival time. I had to dress up in full Victorian costume (complete with bustle) for one of Hattie Townsend's productions. I came down stairs to a packed living room of very perplexed arts trail visitors.

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