Monday, 23 April 2012

Q & A with Sarah Mason - a returnee Open House owner

Sarah Mason will be opening her house - 2 Constance Street - to the public for the second year on the trot.  She and her partner John are very brave - especially as they have white carpets, let's hope the weather holds this year!

Sarah will also be exhibiting her paintings as part of the Arts Trail.

How long have you lived in Saltaire & why did you choose to live in the village?
I have lived in Saltaire since October 2010 and choosing to live here was a joint decision with my partner, John. We needed somewhere that was “Arty” and community orientated for me but also an easy commute for him as he works in Leeds city centre.

Are there any interesting facts/histories you’ve discovered about your home?
Not about my home no, except I think Constance was his only Granddaughter maybe? But I might have made that up! My favourite Saltaire facts are about the old village rules like no alcohol, pets or laundry hanging outside. It also makes me chuckle to think that residents were required to wash twice weekly! Who checked that exactly and how?

Are you an artist-homeowner? If so, what is it like being an artist in Saltaire and on the arts trail? I am and it’s great! I get to meet with other artists from Saltaire and further afield, network with like minded people and even learn new skills from those involved! It also really helped me to get to know people in the village as when we first moved here my partner and I didn’t know anyone in the local area!
How long have you participated in the Arts Trail?
This is my second year now.
What changes have you seen over the years
I can’t say yet really as this will only be my second year. Although I think it is fair to say that things are getting more digital this year, the website is looking fab and I love the interactive elements.

What inspires you to open your home over the years?
The bustle of all the visitors along with the opportunity to socialise with such a large network of like minded people makes me want to keep opening my house up. Plus it’s always nice to get a bit of positive feedback on your work!

Any interesting stories/events/ or any special memories of the trail and/or happenings in your home?
Hahaha, for sure. In 2011 the weather during the trail was generally good except on the last day of the trail where it rained quite heavily. As we have a neutral, almost white, carpet we asked people to leave their dripping brollies in a bucket in our hall. When I asked one lady, she peered around the corner of the room and eyed the work up before announcing that if that was all there was to see there was no need for her to leave her brolly as she was off!

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