Monday, 9 September 2013

Dear Emma Designs - Makers' Fair Festival Special - Q & A

Tell us about the work you do and the types of materials you use.
I design and make a small range of personal accessories and home ware using fine linens and cottons and use free hand embroidery to add life to my designs.

Where do you produce your work? Does your working environment form part of the inspiration for your art?
I have a garden workshop that overlooks the Yorkshire Dales countryside. My surrounding keep me inspired every day.

Is your art your main job? How did you get started?
Dear Emma Designs has been my main job for 3 years. I began when my children were babies and hatched a plan to start a business that allowed me to do the two things I love the most, being a mum and being creative.

What work will you be exhibiting at the Saltaire Festival Makers’ Fair Special? 
I aim to have a full range of my work from small fabric pots with wren and robins to larger 2D art work featuring street scenes.

Where else can we see and buy your work?
I have a small number of retail outlets such as the Butterfly Rooms in Saltaire, Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds and a more further a field. More details on my website.

Tell us about your most exciting or memorable commission? 
I have made a range of tea cosies for a famous TV presenter. That was quite exciting!

What was it about the Saltaire Festival Makers’ Fair Special that made you want to apply to exhibit? 
I love the feel of the Makers Fair, the quality of work available and the makers who exhibit are extremely talented.

What is unique about it and how does it differ from other events?
I love the fact that Saltaire is such a hub of creativity in itself and is such an historical town with so much going on. There are few venues like Saltaire that offer so much creativity to its visitors.

Could you leave us with one more interesting fact about yourself or your work? 
I am soon to be exhibiting at The Country Living Christmas Fair in Harrogate. This is the biggest event I have taken part in.

Dear Emma Designs will be exhibiting at the Makers' Fair Festival Special

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