Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Stencil Haus - Makers' Fair September Special - Q & A

Tell us about what you do and what type of materials you use.
Our work at Stencil Haus Designs is based on a mutual love of both fabrics and stencil artwork. The reductionist approach involved in producing stencil images creates a highly graphical outcome which we transfer onto fabric items for the home. We use screen printing and block printing (in lino and wood) to create the images.

We are now also using machine printed fabric which has enabled us to expand our design ideas into more complex territory, as well as produce work that is not related to stencils, such as our Timid Fox Cushion.

Where do you produce your work?
Our cushions are handmade at home! Our dream is a proper studio to spread out in…

Is your art your main job and how did you get started?
Art is currently my main job. It started by accident, after upcycling an old chair whilst unemployed. I spent months hand cutting and then painting stencils onto the chair and an obsession was born.

What work will you be exhibiting?
The bulk of our work is currently cushions, but there may also be an appearance from the silk scarves that we have started making!

Where else can we see and buy your work?
Stencil Haus Designs products are available to buy on Etsy ( and WowThankYou ( The company website is

What made you wants to exhibit at Saltaire?
The Saltaire Festival is a community event, encouraging everyone to get involved, and the Makers Fair is no different. The mutual love of creativity and craft generates a wonderful atmosphere. It’s a place where you know people will appreciate your work and the fact that it is original and handmade.

Stencil Haus will be exhibiting at the Makers' Fair Festival Special

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