Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Duck & Rabbit - Makers' Fair Festival Special Q & A

Tell us about the work you do and the types of materials you use.
We love paper!

Where do you produce your work? Does your working environment form part of the inspiration for your art?
We recently gave up a great studio space in Leeds under the eves of an old working men’s social club. Now you will find us beavering away in our homes, we are slowly turning our homes into giant workspaces! We love interiors and display so our environment reflects our inspiration from colour, simplicity and pattern

Is your art your main job? How did you get started?
Charley got started as a little girl drawing and Sarah with a pair of scissors, twenty ish years later we are collaborating on design and illustration having met in Salts Mill, where we have both worked for almost a decade. Now Charley is awaiting her first baby and Sarah is off to bake some cakes!

What work will you be exhibiting at the Saltaire Festival Makers’ Fair Special?
Paper design products and stationery. Prints, Cards, Gift Tags, Gift Wrap, Gift Boxes, Notebooks, Party Supplies, Mobiles and Paper Diamonds(better than a real diamond!)

Do you work in any other mediums besides the work you will be exhibiting at the Makers’ Fair Special?
We are suckers for a new idea so we are always experimenting with textiles, printing, photography and collage.

Where else can we see and buy your work?
The lovely new Radstudio down the road! The Bowery in Headingley, Chirpy in Chapel Allerton, The Ju Ju shop in Leeds, The Green House in Idle where we have an up-coming pop up shop! We sell online too.

Tell us about your most exciting or memorable commission?
Designing the signage for the shiny new Brown Sugar Vintage! So exciting to see our work on the front of a real life shop! We got to dress the windows, with waves and diamonds of course, and design all the branded material for the shop. Some lovely invitations and clothes tags!

What was it about the Saltaire Festival Makers’ Fair Special that made you want to apply to exhibit?
Saltaire is where we live and work, we love it here and love being involved and supporting something local and creative.

Have you participated or visited the Saltaire Festival Makers’ Fair Special before?
Fresh from university a couple of years ago we had a great day doing the September Makers’ Fair, two years later we have developed and honed our simple and humorous ideas. It feels like doing it for the first time all over again! We always love visiting the fair, some of our favorites include the lovely Sun Light on Closed Lids, Death By Tea and Butterscotch and Beesting!

What is unique about it and how does it differ from other events?
It’s local and it supports great creative folk. Simple.

Could you leave us with one more interesting fact about yourself or your work?
We make great coffee!

Duck & Rabbit will be taking part in the Makers' Fair Festival Special 2013

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